Our Mission

At MAD.INTAX we endeavour to influence positively the business strategy of our Clients, acting as a powerful tool providing an integrated full pack of services to help them manage their business efficiently with the intention of enhancing profitability.

MAD.INTAX’s services provided are highly qualified, at extremely competitive prices.

Our approach and “modus operandi” within the market is innovative and pro-active, distinguishing us from the crowd of services provider within our area of activity.

We aim to be more than just another provider of services. Our goal is to add real value to our Clients’ business.

In view of the above at MAD.INTAX we have made a real effort to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and have endowed our premises with the hardware and software to allows us to integrate or export data from/to other accounting and invoicing systems. Likewise, we may also grant remote access to our Clients allowing them to input/read data directly onto/from our accounting and invoicing software.

This in-house technology also gave us the ability to outsource our bookkeeping and back-office services for companies located in other jurisdictions.